Hiking with Dr. Tucker

We had a great hike on the AT yesterday with TEAMfit.


2016 TEAMfit Winners!

TEAMfit Awards:

Miles Challenge (Male)
Patrick Matteson -Gold
Sam Levis- Silver
Anthony Brinkley- Bronze
Miles Challenge (Female)
Ashley Jones- Gold
Kelsey Ulrich-Silver
Anne Fisher- Bronze
Mock Police Recruit Fitness Test (Male)
Evan Meoli – Gold
Reinaldo Melendez – Silver
Joseph Beesley- Bronze
Participants:  Mike Diorio, Anthony Pacelli, and Nicholai Charter
Everyone on the above list will be receiving an award . . . please RSVP if you plan on attending the 3rd Annual Criminal Justice Organization Awards Ceremony at 3:30 pm on Thursday, April 28th.  It will be held at Philips Memorial Hall in the Memorial Library.  Dress is business casual, no jeans please if you are accepting an award.

Upcoming Events

For indoor rock climbing, we need a group of at least 10 people to get the group rate.  With 10 people, it is $20 a person for two hours of climbing.  Each additional person would be $15.  If you are interested, email me back and we will see if we have 10 people willing to go at that price.  This will most likely happen on a Friday evening or Saturday during the day in late March or early April.

For whitewater rafting:  We found only one place open in the Poconos that is open on the weekend before finals week.  It will be approximately $65 per person, which includes the raft and lifejackets.  Since this is a higher ticket price, once we set a date, I will be asking for a $35 deposit from anyone interested in going on the whitewater rafting trip.

For Appalachian Trail hiking:  This event is free, we just have to figure out transportation once we know how many people are interested.  I’m going to set a tentative date of Saturday, April 25th for an AT hike . . . this will depend on the weather.  However, we will be doing some local area hikes before then, probably on Saturdays and Sundays.  If you are interested in hiking, particularly for the AT trip, make sure you have good, solid hiking boots and some type of backpack that can carry at least 32 oz of water (preferably more).  As it will be cool in the mountains, you should also have some type of wind resistant jacket to take along.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, March 26th at 3:15 in Ruby Jones Hall where we will be making fruit and vegetable smoothies.

TEAMfit Meeting Thursday, November 6th

TEAMfit members,

Thanks to those of you who showed up for the physical assessment at the Health Center.  If you could provide me with a few comments of feedback on whether or not you found this helpful, it would be appreciated.

I don’t have anything in particular scheduled for this upcoming week, however, if there is no objection, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in using 20 minutes of our time on Thursday to go through some of the Kenpo X routine from the P90X DVD.  In particular, Kenpo X integrates martial arts moves (kicks, blocks, punches) as a form of exercise.  After a short warmup . . . we could go through the very end of the DVD which consists of blocks, and hand strikes.  I think this is also good for self-defense.  If anyone is interested in doing this, please respond and if we do this, you should wear sweat clothes.  Even though it is a short workout, you don’t necessarily want to do it in your school clothes.  However, you can if you want to. Unfortunately, there are no other rooms that are available for us to do this other than RUB 202.

We could follow this with a 10 minute cool-down relaxing sessions . . . which at this time of the semester, everyone needs.

And, of course, we can review the standings for the miles competition, in which I have been rather lax.

Current leaders in miles are:

    Males                                            Females

Patrick 35.5 miles                      Kelsey    92.5

Dominec 32.2                            Chynna   40.2

Sam L. 14.3                                Linda       22.8

However, we have 163 days to go . . . so a lot can change!

The following meeting, November 20th . . . we will have a guest speaker, Jamie Robbins who specializes in Sports Psychology.  She will be talking to TEAMfit members about “Staying Motivated”.

The last meeting of the semester will be on Thursday, December 4th and I want to concentrate on “mental wellness” at that meeting.  It will be a very relaxing session (right before finals week) and I will provide a nice array of food and beverages. I also would like to discuss possibly forming a TEAMfit leadership committee (made of students) for the future, investing in some TEAMfit apparel, and helping Dr. P organize next fall’s regional conference . . . which will include a physical agility test for CRJ students from all over.

Prof. Tucker

Next Meeting & Additional Information

Dear TEAMfit members,

Our next meeting is on Thursday, September 9th.  We will briefly check the results of our Miles Challenge that started on October 1st.  Because some people missed the deadline, I sent a second challenge out to start on October 7th.  If you missed the first deadline, please accept the challenge for the 7th.  It means you are a week behind, but over the course of 8 months, that really doesn’t make a difference.

Members from the Wellness Promotion team on campus will be providing a brief talk about alcohol, alcohol use, abuse, and addiction.

I’m looking for some TEAMfit Leaders.  If you feel that you have a skill in the area of fitness, nutrition, or mental health . . . and want to volunteer to help others at least one time during this academic year, please contact me and volunteer to be a TEAMfit Leader.  Examples would be, posting a date and time to run, hike, (any sporting activity) leading one of our classes on fitness, nutritional, or mental health issues and/or organizing a TEAMfit trip rafting, hiking, 5K, 10K, walk, etc.

Kelsey Ulrich has will be a TEAMfit Leader for 2014/2015.  Watch for her posts.  If you are interested in learning how to prepare for runs or want to run with her, feel free to contact her.

Last, but not least, I plan on running in the Citizen Advocacy Run on Saturday, October 25, 2014.  They offer a 5K and a 10K, and I am registering for the 5K.  If you are interested in participating in this run, either sign up here http://www.phoenixvillerun.com/index-1.html   ($28 donation) or contact me.  You can register on the day of the run, but I find that people who wait to register tend to back out at the end.

Welcome TEAMfit 2014/2015

Welcome to TEAMfit 2014/2015.  We had our first meeting and discussed a few ideas for the semester.  Please read this email in it’s entirety to keep you updated on our activities.
Miles Competition
First, if you signed up for the miles competition, please download the Nike+ running app to your iphone or android to track your miles.  The competition will start on October 1st and end on April 13, 2015 (which will allow me to determine the three winners in each category (male/female/over 26-if any).  In order for me to “challenge” you to the miles competition, I must know your Nike User Name.  If it is simply your name, that is fine, but if you used a special name, please let me know so I can find you among the Nike community and send you a challenge.  You must accept the challenge by October 1st.
If you are using some other device to track your miles, please let me know.  Also, if you have an android phone, I need to test if it will accept a challenge.  Please send me your name and I will send you a challenge to see if android phones work now.
Hiking  (weather permitting)
I am attempting to plan my next hike on the Appalachian Trail for Saturday, September 19th.  I would be starting Section #8 (of 14 sections in PA).  This section starts at Clarks Valley Rd. (Rt. 325) in Dauphin County, PA and travels on the ridgeline of the Appalachian Mountains to Peter’s Mountain (Route 225) in Halifax, PA.  The total miles for this hike are 9.5 miles.  I can usually complete 9.5 miles in 4-4.5 hours.  It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the area, so if you wish to do this, we would need to leave campus by 7:00 am.  I need at least one other student to go who has access to a vehicle (one vehicle gets dropped off at the end point and then one at the beginning, of course).  I can accommodate up to 4 students in my vehicle.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to participate in this hike on the AT.  I will pay for gas for whomever volunteers to be the second driver.
Sunday, September 20th (possible if there are interested students):  This section would be the completion of Section #8 and go from Peter’s Mountain (Route 225) in Halifax, PA to the West Clarks Ferry Bridge (intersection of 322/147) in Duncannon, PA.  This section is 8.2 miles (approximately 3.5-4 hours).
What do you need to hike?  Good question.  The Pennsylvania section of the AT is very rocky.  You may be walking along in a beautiful wooded area and then come across a pile of rocks you must climb across.  Therefore, decent hiking shoes are necessary.  I tell my friends they should have BOOTS, but if you have rugged hiking shoes, you can make it, you just need to be careful to not twist your ankles.  Loose-fitting athletic wear is essential.  You should wear shorts or pants that provide protection against briars, but yet are flexible enough to allow you to climb.  You will work up a sweat, so clothing geared to wick away moisture (athletic shirts) are the best.  You should also bring one lightweight rain jacket (just incase).  Particularly, as we will be starting early in the morning, you may want to start out with a lightweight jacket for warm, and then pack it away as it warms up.  You also need to be able to carry at least 32 ounces of water.  You should eat a good breakfast before the hike and take something to eat on the trail (I.e. granola bars, sandwich, etc.).
I have all the hiking maps, guide, and emergency supplies needed.
If you want to check out the AT Trail (in its’ entirety or just the PA section) visit this website:  http://appalachiantrail.rohland.org/
This website provides an interactive guide to the AT, broken down by state and information on parking areas, complete with google maps.
Next Meeting:  September 25th
It seems I promised both a nutritional component and an outdoor activity for our next meeting.  Here’s what I would like to do.  At the beginning of the meeting (3:15), I will spend 20 minutes (with your assistance) creating healthy and delicious snacks that you can make in your dorm room (or in your home).   Not only will I demonstrate how to make these snack items, but I will have recipes and nutritional information for you.  For those of you who are interested, we will then meet at the hiking trail on South Campus around 4:00 pm and explore the trail there.
Kempo Anyone?
Would anyone be interested in doing Kempo on either a Saturday or Sunday in the future (when not hiking)?  P90X workout CDs contain Kempo X which is a mix of martial arts (hand strikes) and exercise.  I find that it is great for teaching basic hand blocks and strikes (self-defense techniques) while getting a decent workout.  If anyone is interested in having a Kempo class for TEAMfit, let me know.  We would not do the entire CD workout, we would start with the warmup and progress to the hand strikes and blocks (20-25 min workout).
Looking for TEAMfit Leaders
I’m looking for a few good leaders.  If you signed up for TEAMfit and believe you have a skill or can offer something to other members, please contact me.  All you have to do is offer something at least once this academic year to be a TEAMfit Leader.  Perhaps you can organize a bike ride, a walk, run, or guide other students through a workout with weights.  Just let me know you want to be a TEAMfit leader and what you can offer during the semester.
Upcoming 5Ks
At the meeting, two of your fellow students mentioned upcoming 5Ks that those of you who run might be interested in.  Here they are:
The ATA Martial Arts of Royersford 5K to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Information is here: http://pretzelcitysports.com/userfiles/file/13%20limerick%20ata%205k%20app.pdf
The Out of Darkness Walk in Philadelphia (Suicide Prevention), October 5th:  Information is here:  http://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=2591
Saturday, October 25th, the 28th Annual Phoenixville Citizen Advocacy Run.  Information is here:  http://www.phoenixvillerun.com/index-1.html
Other Proposed Events
Anderson Amaya stated that the Criminal Justice Club is looking to form a CJ Team to compete in a paintball event.  See him for further information.  Also, the Honor Society is planning on going to “Terror Behind the Walls” at Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia, sometime in October.  Contact Alicia Leitz for more information.  There is a small fee involved and a commitment as we will have to use a school van for transportation.   BTW, if you were not aware, you can simply type the name of any student in the to: section of your email and it will search the directory for their name.
I apologize for the length of this email, we have much going on.
Prof. Tucker

Zombie Mud Run, October 2013