TEAMfit Meeting Thursday, November 6th

TEAMfit members,

Thanks to those of you who showed up for the physical assessment at the Health Center.  If you could provide me with a few comments of feedback on whether or not you found this helpful, it would be appreciated.

I don’t have anything in particular scheduled for this upcoming week, however, if there is no objection, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in using 20 minutes of our time on Thursday to go through some of the Kenpo X routine from the P90X DVD.  In particular, Kenpo X integrates martial arts moves (kicks, blocks, punches) as a form of exercise.  After a short warmup . . . we could go through the very end of the DVD which consists of blocks, and hand strikes.  I think this is also good for self-defense.  If anyone is interested in doing this, please respond and if we do this, you should wear sweat clothes.  Even though it is a short workout, you don’t necessarily want to do it in your school clothes.  However, you can if you want to. Unfortunately, there are no other rooms that are available for us to do this other than RUB 202.

We could follow this with a 10 minute cool-down relaxing sessions . . . which at this time of the semester, everyone needs.

And, of course, we can review the standings for the miles competition, in which I have been rather lax.

Current leaders in miles are:

    Males                                            Females

Patrick 35.5 miles                      Kelsey    92.5

Dominec 32.2                            Chynna   40.2

Sam L. 14.3                                Linda       22.8

However, we have 163 days to go . . . so a lot can change!

The following meeting, November 20th . . . we will have a guest speaker, Jamie Robbins who specializes in Sports Psychology.  She will be talking to TEAMfit members about “Staying Motivated”.

The last meeting of the semester will be on Thursday, December 4th and I want to concentrate on “mental wellness” at that meeting.  It will be a very relaxing session (right before finals week) and I will provide a nice array of food and beverages. I also would like to discuss possibly forming a TEAMfit leadership committee (made of students) for the future, investing in some TEAMfit apparel, and helping Dr. P organize next fall’s regional conference . . . which will include a physical agility test for CRJ students from all over.

Prof. Tucker


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