TEAMfit meeting 2/20/2014

TEAMfit members, 

Ok, so our last meeting was cancelled due to snow.  Provided we do not have another snow, our first meeting of this semester will be this Thursday 2/20/2014 at 3:15 pm in Ruby Jones Hall Rm. 202.  Kali Oberholzter will be present to talk about physical fitness and unique research she is working on with the West Chester Police Department.
An update on the miles competition is below: 
For the males, this is your leader board:
Joseph Miller- 46.2 miles
Eric Begelfer- 36.8 miles
Ryan McKernan – 35.99
so it’s pretty tight for the males
For the females, this is your leader board:
Alyssa Hanley- 116.9  
Jasmine Harbold – 16.64 Kristina Kmetekova-13.31
Julie Burgoyne- 12.92
Brenna Turner- 12.82
Connie Franklin-10.37
Clearly, Alyssa is way in the lead for the ladies, but there is plenty of time to catch up.  These figures do not place individuals in categories by pace which will be done at the end of the semester.  There are still 64 days to log your miles.
BTW, I am at 23.8 miles.
Prof. Tucker

2 thoughts on “TEAMfit meeting 2/20/2014

  1. After listening to Kali’s presentation I learned how to go about doing other exercises besides running. I attempted my first circuit today to work on core muscles. I actually felt like i was challenging myself. Her presentation really helped!

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