TEAMfit TEAM Leaders

TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Students who believe that they are already physically fit and have an understanding of proper nutrition and overall wellness, may sign up to be TEAMfit TEAMfit leaders.  TEAMfit TEAM Leaders will provide motivation and assistance to other TEAMfit participants and may be involved in leading walks, jogs, runs, bicycle rides, swims, weight training sessions, etc.  TEAMfit TEAM Leaders will also assist Dr. Tucker in setting up the recruit fitness course in April 2014 and preparing for the Awards Banquet in late April or early May.  In consideration of this voluntary effort to help lead TEAMfit, TEAM Leaders will receive a medal at the end of the academic year.

Our current TEAMfit Leaders are:

TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Kristina Kmetekova:  Nutrition
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Ryan McKernan:  Running/Nutritional Advice/Biking
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Constance Franklin:  Running/Basketball?
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Myles Tornetta:  Free weights/lifting
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Joseph Miller:  Running
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Allison Smith:  Plyometrics/Sprinting
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Sommer Ainsworth:  Sprinting
TEAMfit TEAM Leader:  Mia Barone:  Swimming
If you wish to be a TEAMfit TEAM Leader, contact Dr. Tucker

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