Next Meeting & Additional Information

Dear TEAMfit members,

Our next meeting is on Thursday, September 9th.  We will briefly check the results of our Miles Challenge that started on October 1st.  Because some people missed the deadline, I sent a second challenge out to start on October 7th.  If you missed the first deadline, please accept the challenge for the 7th.  It means you are a week behind, but over the course of 8 months, that really doesn’t make a difference.

Members from the Wellness Promotion team on campus will be providing a brief talk about alcohol, alcohol use, abuse, and addiction.

I’m looking for some TEAMfit Leaders.  If you feel that you have a skill in the area of fitness, nutrition, or mental health . . . and want to volunteer to help others at least one time during this academic year, please contact me and volunteer to be a TEAMfit Leader.  Examples would be, posting a date and time to run, hike, (any sporting activity) leading one of our classes on fitness, nutritional, or mental health issues and/or organizing a TEAMfit trip rafting, hiking, 5K, 10K, walk, etc.

Kelsey Ulrich has will be a TEAMfit Leader for 2014/2015.  Watch for her posts.  If you are interested in learning how to prepare for runs or want to run with her, feel free to contact her.

Last, but not least, I plan on running in the Citizen Advocacy Run on Saturday, October 25, 2014.  They offer a 5K and a 10K, and I am registering for the 5K.  If you are interested in participating in this run, either sign up here   ($28 donation) or contact me.  You can register on the day of the run, but I find that people who wait to register tend to back out at the end.


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