Weekly run changes – Joe Miller

I am changing the weekly Wednesday runs from 9am to 3pm in the afternoon. Nobody has shown up the past couple weeks and I’m hoping this is due to classes or other previous engagements, so maybe the new time will allow people to take advantage of this opportunity to run with a group. I am also thinking about running inside the rec center on the track because it is getting colder outside. If you are interested in running with a group, I will be waiting outside the rec center every Wednesday at 3pm, then we can decide whether we want to run inside on the track or outside depending on the weather. If you have any questions email me at jm765703@wcupa.edu or call/text me at (717)887-6943. I hope to see some of you tomorrow!


Miles Competition & this weeks meeting

Dear TEAMfit Members,

At the TEAMfit meeting we will congratulate TEAMfit leader, Allison Smith on her performance at the Criminal Justice Regional Conference in Delaware.  She won third place in the physical agility competition which was a timed obstacle course that is used by police departments to test recruits.  I will then talk a little bit about resilience.  All of us will inevitably go through some stress, loss, and some of us will even experience a traumatic even in our life.  How does one prepare for these events and how does one live a resilient life? 

At present, these are the miles competition leaders (Please note I am using the miles from the team challenges, except in cases where someone could not join the team challenge due to not having an iphone).  In those cases, I ensured that they were starting at zero and I am using the miles according to my “friends” connection).

Males:  Eric B. 7.3 miles,  Joe M. 6.6 miles, Vince C 4.79 miles, Ryan 4.13 miles

Females:  Alyssa H. 14.7 miles, Jasmine H. 13.72 miles, Connie 9.7 miles, Kristina K. 5.07 miles

As you see these are not separated out by pace.  I will not know the pace until the end of the completion . . . April 21, 2014.  So there is plenty of time to stack up miles. 

Mile Competition & this weeks meeting

At present, these are the leaders in the most miles:

Connie F. 9.67 miles

Alyssa H. 9.33 mi

Joe M. 5.56 mi

Ryan M. 4.13 mi

I have three different challenges started because students forgot to accept the first one.  If you want to run with a group, Joe M. is offering to lead runs at 9 am every Wednesday morning.  See message below and email him if you have any questions, jm765703@wcupa.edu.

Allison Polizzano from the Wellness Department will our guest speaker this week.  She will be giving a short talk on stress and time management.  I will be away at the CJ club conference.  I would like a TEAMfit leader to introduce Ms. Polizzano.  If there is a TEAMfit leader that can do so, please contact me ASAP.

Weekly run

I am going to start leading runs at 9 a.m. every Wednesday morning starting next Wednesday, October 16th. For those who are interested, I will meet you at the corner of University Ave. and Church street so we can warm-up and stretch in the grassy area before starting the run. I plan on running for approximately 1 mile (or more if some people wish to continue). E-mail me with any questions at jm765703@wcupa.edu and I hope to see everyone out there!

Plyometrics workout!

I am postponing the plyometrics workout as it’s raining all today. I am aiming for next Monday and/or Wednesday- I will keep everyone posted. Feel free to contact me if there is a day that will work better for you and I can do my best to do it on that day!

Ally Smith