TEAMfit is a West Chester University Department of Criminal Justice sponsored program.  The program is designed to encourage Criminal Justice majors and minors to work toward overall fitness and wellness goals.  The TEAMfit program includes healthy and friendly competitions, such as a “miles competition”, “recruit fitness course”, and a “weight-loss competition”.  The program includes fitness, nutrition, and wellness education and opportunities to receive personal fitness assessment and training advice.  The TEAMfit program is a true interdisciplinary effort involving faculty and staff from the Criminal Justice Department, Department of Kinesiology, Wellness Center, and the Fitness Center.  Join TEAMfit and work on your fitness and wellness goals!

TEAMfit Meetings

TEAMfit meetings will be held every other Thursday, from 3:15-4:15 starting on Thursday, September 5th, 2013.

Meetings will be held in Ruby Jones Hall, Room 202, or another designated area.

Meet the TEAM behind TEAMfit!

Jane M. Tucker, Ph.D. (Department of Criminal Justice, TEAMfit founder)

Karen Fiorenza (Student Health Services, Nutrition Services Specialist)

Alicia Hahn (Student Health Services, Director of Wellness Education)

Criag Stevens, Ph.D. (Department of Kinesiology)

Jamie Robbins, Ph.D. (Department of Kinesiology)



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