Message from TEAMfit Leader Ryan

Anyone available from 10:50-1:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m free to bike, run, or lift weights at the Rec center! All members welcome. Distances will be determined weekly based on the attendees. Typically I bike 6-8 miles or run a 5k, and any workouts at the gym! More details to come!  Contact him via the TEAMfit facebook site if you want to meet up with him for some exercise on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.


Rec Center 9/24

Hey everyone it’s Sommer Ainsworth,

I know this is SUPER short notice, but I hadn’t thought about doing this until right now and I thought I would invite you guys 😛 I’ll be at the Rec Center on campus from 2-3pm (before Criminal Justice Club) running laps on the track followed by stretching and a core workout. If anyone would like to join me I could use a running buddy 🙂

*I’ll be in the lobby from 1:50-2. At 2 I will go up to the track (3rd floor).

Miles Competition

Those of you who signed up for the miles competition should have received an email from me inviting you to join my Nike+ Community.  If you have not, email me ASAP and I will send that email out to you.  Once we have people signed up, I will create a challenge.  I’m a little behind on the technology.  It used to be that you could create a Nike Challenge from the Nike + website.  Apparently, now this challenge can only be launched from the Nike+ iphone app.  If you have a Nike+ band and an iphone, you can actually upload your miles to your computer and then it will also appear on your iphone app.  However, I’m not sure how it works if you only have an iphone app . . . I’m hoping some of you can enlighten me.  Do you need the computer chip in the shoe in order for the iphone app to work?  Anyway, it is now September 23rd and we want to start the miles competition on October 1st . . . create your NIKE profile now.  When you get the email to be my Nike Friend, accept it and then I will start a challenge.


Zombie Mud Run

Zombie Mud Run

Members of the Criminal Justice Club, TEAMfit, Dr. Antonio and Dr. Tucker participated in the Zombie Mud Run in Reading, PA this Saturday (9/21/2013). We had a great time, everyone survived and completed the 5K race (3.1 miles). Clearly this was BEFORE the run. We will post other photos in the near future.