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TEAMfit Competitions

2013/2014 Competitions and Winners

The following students were recognize for being TEAMfit leaders during the 2013/2014 academic year:  Myles Tornetta, Kristina Kmetekova, Ryan McKernan, Allison Smith, Sommer Ainsworth and Joseph Miller 
The following students won medals in the “miles” competition: 
Miles Competition 
Gold – Ryan McKernan
Silver- Joseph Miller
Bronze- Eric Begelfer
Gold- Alyssa Hanley
Silver-Sommer Ainsworth
Bronze- Amanda Haage
The following students won medals in the recruit fitness course competition: 
Police Recruit Fitness Course
< 25 Male                             >  25 Male                     < 25 Female
Gold- Joseph Miller                 Gold- Eric Begelfer              Gold- Christina Eriksen
Silver- Neal Kokatay
Bronze- Ryan McKernan
Student, Ian Colon, was awarded with a trophy for the Most Improved Fitness during the academic year after losing and maintaining a 70 lb. weight loss through proper nutrition and exercise.930

TEAMfit meeting today 3/6

TEAMfit members,

Don’t forget the TEAMfit meeting today at 3:15 in Room 202, Ruby Jones Hall.  Ryan Saltman from the fitness center will be here to give a short talk on all the fitness center offers.  We will then review the competitions and talk about an upcoming 5K.  

Prof. Tucker

TEAMfit Leader need to help at this Thursdays meeting

I am scheduled to be at a conference on Thursday.  I need a TEAMfit leader to greet new members and get them to sign up so I can add them to the email database and to the blog.  I can then reach out to them and see if they want to participate in any of the activities. If any TEAMfit leader can handle this at the meeting (I think it will only take about 5 minutes), let me know.

Thanks, Prof. Tucker

TEAMfit meeting 2/20/2014

TEAMfit members, 

Ok, so our last meeting was cancelled due to snow.  Provided we do not have another snow, our first meeting of this semester will be this Thursday 2/20/2014 at 3:15 pm in Ruby Jones Hall Rm. 202.  Kali Oberholzter will be present to talk about physical fitness and unique research she is working on with the West Chester Police Department.
An update on the miles competition is below: 
For the males, this is your leader board:
Joseph Miller- 46.2 miles
Eric Begelfer- 36.8 miles
Ryan McKernan – 35.99
so it’s pretty tight for the males
For the females, this is your leader board:
Alyssa Hanley- 116.9  
Jasmine Harbold – 16.64 Kristina Kmetekova-13.31
Julie Burgoyne- 12.92
Brenna Turner- 12.82
Connie Franklin-10.37
Clearly, Alyssa is way in the lead for the ladies, but there is plenty of time to catch up.  These figures do not place individuals in categories by pace which will be done at the end of the semester.  There are still 64 days to log your miles.
BTW, I am at 23.8 miles.
Prof. Tucker

Weekly run cancellation

I am going to have to cancel the weekly runs because my job is starting to schedule me with earlier hours. I don’t think this will be a big issue since nobody has been able to join me yet anyway, I just hope everybody has been running on their own. If anybody is interested in running as a group or would like a running partner, email me at and we can try to work out a time that fits both of our schedules.